I have 15 years of experience working with clients that were blocked. There are no tricks. I know the symptoms, the patterns, the blockers. And the way out. 

Timely Events Calendar

Time.ly needed to revamp their product roadmap, business model and engineering team.  I added seniors developers to the team, introduced a documented Agile development process, build a new product roadmap based on lean hypothesis and initiated a brand scalable new SaaS product.

Freightera Marketplace

Freightera needed to stabilize their product. I started by adopting Agile practices for engineering and later in all departments. I document company processes, defined reports and OKRs for all departments and staff members, and build a company KPIs dashboard.

Collingwood School

Collingwood decided to embark into the most disruptive change in their history. Changing the entire school information system. I joined the team assessing the risks and interfacing with the board of directors and senior leadership. I managed the involved parties, layout the plan and made sure everything is done in time and budget without affecting the teachers and students of Vancouver’s top private schoo

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