Vinebyte Vancouver | Work
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Our Work Events Calendar

From WordPress to SaaS

Initially we focused on improving existing WordPress custom plugins, but understanding the long time business vision we proposed and started working on a new scalable SaaS product, API driven, built with PHP Laravel and AngularJS, to extend the product reach.

Freightera marketplace

Redesign and refactoring

Freightera was going through a major redesign and refactoring when we joined to help out. Besides the complete change in the engineering processes, moving to Agile, Jira, Bitbucket and branching workflow, we initiated a modularization of the product code and adopting Laravel as framework.

Egmont online store and customer portal

1 Customer portal + 6 e-shops

  • A single web-app with multiple domains,
  • Single products db across all domains,
  • Custom pricing rules,
  • Custom content and user profiling,
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Alice SSO, PIM.

Von Bargens Custom Jewelry

Custom diamonds e-commerce

  • Drupal 8
  • Drupal Commerce
  • Increased purchase security

Telemark-Pyrenees online store

Sport equipment shop

  • Drupal 8 based online store
  • Drupal commerce